10 Tips to get that tire off and the pants on

How wonderful would it be if you eat chocolates and with each chocolate you lose a pound? Aah! Imagination is bliss sometimes. Well this imagination won’t lose even a ounce of your weight.
Nevertheless people constantly look for foods that can make their stomach full, yet can control the weight gain. Check out the 10 key things to reduce weight and chow them without hesitation.

10 Tips to Be Full, Be Trim

1. Water your body – As they say, plants need water to grow, so we say hydrated body is healthier than non-hydrated or less hydrated. This doesn’t mean you keep on drinking water all the day. Make sure you drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water throughout the day.

2. Drinking calories! This again is related to water, but water from juicy fruit. Yes, if you drink your meals, you are on the right path of trimming yourself. Fruit like watermelon, grapes, oranges, marshmallows (not the marshmallows made from gelatin), strawberries, kiwis, pears etc. can fill your tummy yet you don’t tend to gain weight. Try different vegetables soups help too.

3. Eat to lose – Keep your eyes and mind open, while choosing your food. Control your temptations. Remember, if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. Be slow and steady to win the race of losing your weight. Eat slowly, chew properly and avoid or have lesser water while eating. Avoid lot of spices and oil. Eat five little meals a day and observe the miracle.

10KeyThings Weight Loss4. Calcium – won’t increase fats – Studies show that calcium helps you lose weight. Cow’s milk, dried figs, white beans, almonds, oranges, sesame seeds, instant oat meals, leafy vegetables like spinach, fortified soy-milk, broccoli are the foods which help you feel full, your bones get stronger and you won’t gain those unwanted extra pounds.

5. Boost up your mood – Sometimes, stressful life increases the number on the weighing scale. Studies show that some people eat a lot when they are under pressure or stressed out. To prevent this emotional eating, you can try various mood booster foods. Air popped pop corn are one of the best mood boosters. Try puffed rice with a pinch of lemon juice sprinkles and onion and tomatoes toppings. Gooseberry preservation with a pinch of salt and a little sugar, which is normally called as ‘murabba’ is a good option too. Avoiding carbohydrates and chocolates during mood swings help a lot; as they are tending to increase the fats.

6. Nuts Don’t Increase Butts! Nuts are the best low calorie foods. You can chow them at your own sweet time. Whenever feel like munching, eat pistachios, walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, and many other nutties. Only if they are consumed in right proportion, you can stay satiated for a longer period.

The question is how much proportion should one intake? Here is the serving list to keep you on track:

Nuts Calories Protein (grams)
   Fats    (grams)
23 Almonds 170 6 14
16 to 18 Cashews 165 5
45 to 50 Pistachios 160 6 13
21 Hazel nuts 180 7
14 Walnuts 185 4
28 unshelled Peanuts 170 7
6 Brazil nuts 190 4
18 to 20 Pecans 200 3

How much should one consume per day?
–    Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Hazel nuts, Pea nuts are very good for women’s health. Especially peanuts are really good for expecting mothers. They have the power to increase the metabolism rate. Women from 18 to 45 years of age should consume around 60 to 85 calorie contains of nuts.
–    While kids can consume 100 calories altogether.
–    Pecans, Cashews and Brazil nuts are cholesterol fighters and recommended for men’s health. An average man should consume nearly 120 to 140 calories of nuts.
Consuming handful as per one’s wish can be harmful to the health. Avoid mindless eating of nuts. Don’t be a nut while eating nuts. Keep small portions and see the magic.

7. Go green, go veggie – Yes, research says that non vegetarian foods are not really helpful if you are trying to lose weight. So, try to be a little vegetarian. Fill your bowl with vegetables full of fibers and irons. This help you gain the metabolism rate of your body and would make you feel heavy yet healthy and those extra pounds would stay far away.

8. Whole grains don’t gain – Whole grains are rich in fiber. They help you burn and shed those extra fats, extra calories and still you are filled and satisfied. Cereals like brown rice, wheat, barley are the grains that don’t gain you fats and you stay controlled.

Why whole grains?
Whole grains are rich in minerals, high fiber, vitamin B and C and calcium that are required for our body. An average adult should consume 25 to 35 grams of fiber daily. Fibers can help to fight the rising sugar level and also helps controlling the bad cholesterol. The risk of low blood pressure, Asthma and cancer are also lesser for the one consuming whole grain diet.

Choose your proportion of Whole Grains:

      Grain       (cooked- half cup) Calorie Carbs.(gram) Fiber (gram) Elements
Barley 96 22 3 Vitamin E, B complex, sulphur, magnesium, calcium, zinc
Brown Rice 80 20 4 Vitamin E, protein, minerals and manganese
Quinoa 90 18 3 Vitamin B, iron, magnesium
Oats 95 15 5 Manganese, magnesium, selenium
Wild Rice (usually found in US) 85 20 6 Almost all the required minerals

9. Spice it up – Cinnamon and hot peppers are one of the best options for keeping your taste buds calm and temptation under control. Cinnamon and honey if taken decocted early in the morning, your hunger can be controlled. And pepper sprinkled on all your salads and foods can give your taste buds a relief.

10KeyThings tea10. Tea – an energy drink – Tea…not a normal tea with a lot of sugar but iced tea as well as green tea are the best. They work as antioxidants. It also reduces the risks of cancer and diabetes. Research says that green tea is highly important as a part of diet when losing weight. It also keeps your metabolism rate high.

It doesn’t matter how you eat, what all matters is WHAT you actually eat and at what time. Don’t make your tummy a dumping zone of fats; fill it full with rich and healthy foods. Eat healthy and be trim. It is your choice how you keep it safe and secured from all the fats and extra calories.

Happy Eating, Happy Losing-10keythings