100% Sure-fire Ways to Amplify Operational Efficiency using Mobile App (with Success Story)

Mobile apps are today more prevalent in enterprise environment with BYOD approach. They don’t just save businesses time and money, even yield better productivity that reflects in augmented revenue.

When you save time, obviously its fruit reflects in the form of reduced costs and increased productivity. It even finds out loopholes in the process, so you can expect more efficient process and more effective results.

For example, Praxair, America’s largest industrial gases company, achieved the same with the mobile app developed by FuGenX Technologies, a global mobile app development company. Praxair delivers highly delicate and inflammable gases and their mixtures such as helium, hydrogen, xenon and krypton to customers’ places. It had to overcome issues like getting the invoice paid on time, reducing the invoice billing cycle, reducing gas shrinkages and connecting truck drivers to the back end team.

With the mobile app developed by FuGenX, they were able to reduce the invoice billing cycle up to 7,200% and overcome all other challenges.

Likewise, even you can achieve operational efficiency with a business mobile app. Let’s see how you can do it.


3 Ways Mobile App can Amplify Your Operational Efficiency


  1. Save employee time

Compensation offered for an employee is directly proportional to the hours of work he can contribute to the organization. Enterprise applications enable employees to get done the assigned tasks before the deadline or timeslot. Apps help employees carry out data entry, report submission, feedback filing, etc. easily without having to travel back to their desk.

When the information is stored in cloud and ability given to access customer details via app, the tasks like analysing the consumer behavior and the analysis of other reports will be easier for employees. They can handle various administrative, prospecting and customer handling processes efficiently with the drop-down menus and check-boxes options in the app. So they can better invest their time for better productivity.


  1. Proficiency in the work

Even though the working hour is maximum but no quality work is achieved by the end of the day, such efforts are a burden for the organization. To channelize employees to deliver the best efforts, an enterprise mobile app can be an optimum solution. The app helps to carry out timely corrective action in case of any operational errors. Even it helps to reduce/eliminate duplication of work/effort as well as help managers well coordinate and allocate works. Ultimately you can leverage it to analyse the efforts put by employees and to appreciate the right efforts.


  1. Eliminate unwanted costs

The total cost incurred to run operations impact the total revenue you achieve by the end of the quarter. So if you’re able to reduce the cost now, you will be able to get a better fruit by the end of the quarter in the form of maximum net profit. Let’s take HR department as an example. Within the total cost incurred in this department, payroll and employee expenses form the major part. By developing an enterprise mobile application that manages payroll and employee expenses, you can avoid costs that you incur in these areas. These small costs may contribute to the increased total cost. This is where you can find mobile app as an optimum solution to avoid it.


As mentioned above, mobile app helps you maximize operational efficiency at minimum cost. With its ubiquitous nature, mobile app enables employees to be more efficient and effective in their actions. It can ease progress updation, progress validation, as well as enable accurate internal communication, and communication between employees and clients.

When you’ve a support of an experienced and expert mobile app development company mumbai, you can do it easily, by having a better understanding of the current enterprise mobility trends. Subsequently, you will be able to develop more effective enterprise apps.