4 Best Tips for Toilet Bowl Purchase

Making the right choice in the selection of toilet bowl makes a bigger difference in the décor of the bathroom. In this article, you will read about some factors that will help you shop for right toilet.

Best guide to choose toilet bowl

While purchasing the Toilet Bowl for home, it is necessary to consider the exact size in the bathroom, its style preferences, and the budget. Here are the important points that help you to find the most appropriate one from multiple options available:

  1. Look for the shape and height

Before selecting one specific product, measure the bathroom space and keep into the mind bowl shape first choice. Determine the measurement between floor drain and the wall. There are many varieties in the market, but rough-in distance will narrow the space. Find the rough-in by measuring from the wall at the back of the toilet to the center of the bolts on the base. Take all these measurements and compare it with a dimension of product you select.

The shapes also define the comfort level and space so also consider this fact. Elongated variety is considered to be highly comfortable while the round bowl is preferred for small bathroom. Round bowls are also less expensive than elongated bowls.

Standard-sized toilets have a rim 14-15 inches off the ground. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers that provide a toilet bowl with height few inches higher than the standard ones. Taller toilets are perfect to be used by all users regardless of their mobility, making sitting and standing easier and comfortable.

  1. Toilet bowl styles

Not only the shape and measurements, but style also matters in today’s modern world. There are different types of toilet bowl available in different styles with diverse features and specifications.

  • One piece: – It consists of the tank and bowl combined together into a flawless unit and creates the stylish look after installation. It is space saving and can be cleaned easily.
  • Two pieces: – Bowl and tank are separated. It is the most common and affordable type of toilet bowl.
  • Wall mounted: – This is a special variety that can be mounted on the wall and does not need toilet foot or base. However, it is costlier than others, but is perfect for transfers from a wheelchair. It needs thicker wall to mount bowl and house the tank. You require reopening the wall for any maintenance.

  1. Flushing power

After examining for the perfect shape, size, and style, considers the flushing technology. Choose the toilet bowl that looks stylish and also flushes efficiently. The advanced flushing technology allows water conservation without decreasing flush power. Go with the toilet bowl that has a flush performance rating system for removing the waste and resist clogging. The score for flush performance rating system is displayed on the product packaging.

  1. Budget and add-ons

Once you have completed with above mentioned features, don’t forget to ensure whether the cost is right according to specifications and quality. Other upgrades such as soft-closing toilet seats are also available. Other than this, there are some more products that you can get without increasing the cost.

Keep in mind these points, a buyer can make the best choice for Toilet Bowl in Singapore and beautifully design their bathroom. The bathroom is essential parts of a home décor that cannot be ignored if want to gain attention of all guests and enjoy modern living style.

So, buy stylish toilet bowl and give your bathroom a unique look.