5 Essential Steps to Optimize Windows 8

While switching to Windows 8 from any previous versions you might have noticed that it is already having some features which you were looking from a long time. It boots really fast. Apart from this you can try variety of tweaks to boost up its speed. If it’s been a long time you are using Windows 8 computer, then too it might require optimization. Here are 5 Essential steps to Optimize Windows 8. They will help you to make your Windows 8 experience better and even more productive.

  1. Disable un useful animations:

Animations makes your system look funky they are aimed to make you enjoy your work. But if performance is priority for you then you can opt to disable some visual effects or animations.To do this access system performance Options. You can access them by pressing windows Key and typing SystemPerformanceProperties in the search box. Here you can manually choose which all animations you want to disable by clicking on the custom radio button or you can choose from the given 3 options.

  • Let Windows choose what is best for my computer
  • Adjust for best performance
  • Adjust for best appearance.

If you have chosen Custom,then it is recommended to disable Fade or slide menus into view and Fade or slide ToolTips into view.

  1. Find out applications using ample amount or resources:

If your system is running slow from a certain period of time, then you should check for the processes or applications which are consuming resources. In windows 8 it is pretty simpler to identify processeswhich are consuming resources. As they are automatically highlighted. To check the list of running processes go to the task manager by right clicking on the task bar choosing task manger. After this access process tab., Probably the first tab in the list. Here you will find the list of the processes currently running. You will find processes with heavy usage highlighted. You can close these processes but keeping in mind that it will close the program instantly and you will not get the chance to save the information.

  1. Shorten up the list of the star up programs:

Managing start up programs can also help you to optimize the performance of your Windows computer. Startup programs are those which automatically get started with Windows. These programs not only increase start up time but they are also responsible for the slow processing as they keep running in the background. Startup programs can nicely be managed on Windows 8 by using the task manger. Open the task manager and click on the startup tab here you will found the list of startup programs with the startup impact field. If you find a program with the high startup impact or any program which you do find useful to get started automatically on startup you can remove them from here by clicking on the program and disable. This will certainly help you to speed up windows8 because by doing this you are not only shorting up the list of startup programs but you are also stopping these programs from running in background.

  1. Change power plans:

You can also customize your power settings for the best performance. It can be customized same as previous versions of windows. To access power plan settings press windows key and search for Power plan you will see power plan settings in these settings opt for high performance. Though it can consume more energy but you will experience better performance.

  1. Use Optimize your drives tools:

Hope you have heard of disk defragmenter tool for older versions of Windows. It is now Optimize drives tool in windows 8. It automatically optimizes your drives once per week, however if you frequently move files on your disk then you should do this manually in between. To do this open optimizer by typing defragment in the search box. Now choose the drive and click on Analyze. It is as simple as in the previous versions of Windows.

This is how you can Optimize Windows 8 by following these 5 steps. Windows 8 is comparatively much enhanced operating system then the previous versions and if you will optimize it for the best performance the certainly it will be proved to be more productive than ever.