6 Best Gaming workouts for your ABS

For each one of us, we want our bodies to bit fit and healthy. The youth from this generation is obsessed with having a great and fit body. People have started to take fitness regimes as a regular routine in their life. It is important for us to lead a healthy life, for that, we need to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Nowadays, every one of us has started to become a fitness freak because they know the importance of staying healthy and fit.Unfortunately, they are people who find it really hard to be able to go to a fitness center and get oneself fit. It is a fact that people think that the performing a workout will make them fell fatigue and tired. Most of them are not aware of the fact that, working out our bodies will make us more active and energetic for the day.

Due to this one particular reason, people avoid doing workouts and end up having pot bellies and love handles around their midsection. It is said that the fat, which gets accumulated in the abdomen and abs, is the major factor behind one getting prone to diabetes and heart conditions. So, it is important that we have our bodies in the right shape and healthy.

We people, in general, expect things to make us feel happy and it should be full of fun. If we are doing our household chores, working at our office or just going down the lane, we expect it to be fun full. Why not make the workouts fun full and happy? People always enjoy playing games, as it makes them feel better and good in every way.

When we see a model, with the perfect abs, all we think about is that wish we had it. Unfortunately, we don’t have the perfect abs we would have dreamt of all our life. Working out the abs is a tough task for most of us, except the fitness freaks. How making these tough core workout less painful and more of fun? We can create different kinds of games and make sure that we are keeping the midsection of our bodies in right shape and make it perfect, just the way we have always wanted it to be.

Here is a list of games, with which you make the abs workout filled with fun and excitement. Go ahead and check them out.

Playing with the cards

Most of us would have played with the cards during the picnics with our family and vacations. Now, the cards will be helpful in getting the core muscles working and gaining the right shape. Pick a partner, it would be more fun, create a list of workouts for the core. Assign one workout to each card in the deck and spread out the cards and start with the game. It would be a different kind of card game we would have ever played in our lives. Whenever, we feel to give up on the workout, just grab on the cards, it will definitely be a motivation.

Paper cups are not just for drinking

Whenever we have a paper cup, we would think of having a drink or create towers with it as a game for the kids. Apart from this, we would not have thought it to be useful in any other ways. But, now there is a game with which we can use the paper cups and workouts even more exciting. We can play the game where the ground is spacious; place the paper cups in a big circle. Create a group of people to play the game; a minimum of ten would be good. Ask one person to trip the paper cup by squatting down and another person to place it bag. When we perform these, our core muscles and hamstrings get stronger and firm, which will help us to avoid injuries.

Make it fun full with the kids

Bedspreads and sheets are used to spread on our cot and cover us. But, now, let’s go ahead and create an interesting workout with it. Get your family involved in this workout; to make sure that, even they are getting their muscles toned. Ask two of them to hold the sheet and start creating small waves with the sheet. Increase the speed after the first few minutes, have a kid, hold the sheet high up for the kid to run through and bring it done. While we are performing this, the muscles of our biceps and triceps get stronger, it is essential we keep them fit, as it one of most prominent part of our body which we use majorly every day.

Go back to childhood- Race it up

Remember those days, when we use to have a racing competition with our friends. We used to fix bets of complimenting the winner with something of their interest. This game would be the right one to get the couch potatoes and lazy people get them work out. Don’t go with the normal running race, get creative with the tasks. Create barricades throughout the path, with all the objects like kettle bells, dumb bells, chairs and anything, which would make the muscles worked. This game would definitely help us to tone our muscles perfectly and everyone will be able to achieve the perfect shape.

Let it loose

We would have always to want to dance to the rock band music we love and let ourselves and enjoy ourselves. Most of us do not do so, fear of getting embarrassed, and we just stay put with tapping our feet. Now, if you find yourself alone and totally not in a state of mind to workout. No problem, play your favorite songs and dance to it, just like there is no tomorrow. This is the best cardio workout, to burn a huge number of calories and attains a right physique.

Jump it and Pump it up

All of us would have really enjoyed playing jump ropes with our friends in our younger days. It is the right time to get back to that age and start skipping with the ropes. Start the skipping at a slow pace; increase the pace, as your hamstrings get stronger. We need to increase the pace and the time spent on the workout. Jump rope is considered one of the most beneficial to be workouts, as all the muscles are getting worked and toned. Hamstrings form the biggest muscle in our body and it is essential that we keep it fit and strong.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a fit body is the most important factor of our lives. It is said that we need to worship our body, as it is the only place where we can live. In the present, trends have been changing and people have been trying to do things, which are new and out of the box. They are aware of the fact is that, everything is drastically changing and it is important for them to get accustomed to this advancement.

On the flip side, the medics have been researching and are finding out new kinds of health conditions. So, it is essential that we keep ourselves immune, as it would be helpful for us to keep the diseases at bay. Every single time we think of getting back our good health and perfect body, we tend to say, not today, definitely tomorrow. We know that the tomorrow would never come and we may end up being a couch potato. Go ahead, start playing these workout games and achieve the perfect body you have always dreamt of. It is now or it is never, don’t wait for tomorrow to come. Game on folks!!!

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zuket. He is a writer and coffee lover. He has is a graduate in Computer Science and Post Graduate in Entrepreneurship and leadership from Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. He is a passionate blogger & SEO Specialist. Zuket.com offers software products that are built with Airbnb, Uber and other cloning scripts.