6 Must-Do Carpet Cleaning Tasks This Fall

Believe it or not, but fall is the best time to get most of the home improvement tasks done and get your home ready for winter. Carpet cleaning is also one of those tasks and should be on your to-do list.

You must be thinking that your job is done just by calling a carpet cleaning company, but you are wrong. Think about it. Suppose you get your carpet cleaned by professionals once a year, or even twice, but do you take care of carpet for the rest of the time? Obviously, most of us cannot afford a professional carpet cleaning company every month. But if we do the following things, there would be no need for professional carpet cleaning every month.

Improved vacuuming:

Vacuuming the carpet regularly and adequately is the first step to keeping it clean. Start with vacuuming the carpet every day instead of every week or whatever your frequency is. By everyday vacuuming, we can make sure that it will stay free of dust and allergens.

While vacuuming the carpet, keep in mind that it’s tough for a vacuum cleaner to clean all the dust in a single swipe. So, use multiple swipes over an area for though dust removal. Also, remember that dust builds up over time mostly at the corners of the carpet, so try to spend some extra time at the corners.

Utilize the alone time:

As fall begins, schools re-open and children go back to schools. That means it’s some alone time for you and you can use this time to make your home better. Since fall is a very dry and dusty season, start by cleaning the dust off your furniture and appliances every day. Remember that it’s a crucial task and by not doing so, all the dust would end up on the floor and carpet, making it ever dirtier. Also, dust can cause diseases and allergies to you, family and guests, so it’s better to take care of it in time.

Prepare for holidays:

As we’ve said before, fall is a very important season for homeowners. It is the right season to wrap up a lot of home maintenance tasks which are really difficult to do in winter. Also, some of these tasks are so important that not doing them could cause extensive damage to your house and cost you a fortune in repairs.

Talking of winter, remember that it’s also a holiday season, and you wouldn’t want to call your guests to a dirty and dusty house, right? If not, this is the right time to get your carpets properly cleaned by professionals. You might be thinking that you can save some money on it by DIY carpet cleaning, but that would be a big mistake. DIY carpet cleaning methods are not only improper and not for a thorough cleaning, but they are also harmful if not done properly. So, don’t take that risk. Call your carpet cleaning company and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Once your professional carpet cleaning is done, you can use these carpet cleaning tips to maintain a clean carpet until your next appointment.

Stains are bad:

Stains are the main cause of worry for all carpet owners. Maybe your kid spilled his/her beverage on the carpet, or someone with dirty footwear stepped on it, whatever the reason is, the first thing you need to do is stay calm. By getting panicked, you can cause further damage to your carpet. Act immediately and use appropriate stain cleaner according to the type of stain. Don’t buy too harsh or strong chemical cleaners as they can damage the carpet if not used properly. There are many products for the different type of stains, so choose carefully. You can take the help from your carpet cleaning professionals in selecting the stain removing products. Stay calm, be gentle, and DO NOT rub the stains.

Make some ground rules:

You need to understand that keeping the house clean is not the responsibility of just one person; it should be a joint effort by the whole family. Maintaining a clean carpet is going to require some rules and dedication by all family members to follow those rules. You can start with following small changes:

– Keep a doormat and shoe rack near the main entrance and instruct everyone to clean their shoes at the doormat and then keep them in the shoe rack. This will keep all the outside dust and germs away from your house, keeping it clean and healthy.

– Make sure you clean your pets’ paws after they come back from the walk. This would make sure they don’t make the carpet dirty and would keep outside allergens at bay.

– No eating or drinking for children on the carpets.

Similarly, you can make some small rules in the beginning and continue your way up with time. Gradually, it would become a habit for everyone, and you would get the clean and healthy carpet of your dreams.

Get rid of the stink:

A dirty carpet is bearable, but a stinking carpet is absolutely not. It not only creates a bad atmosphere in your home but could also be responsible for your less productivity. The solution to this is very simple.

Sprinkle baking soda all over your carpet. If there is some particular area that is stinking, fill that with baking soda generously. Use a brush to rub it and get settled in. Let it stay there for a day and then vacuum your carpet with a powerful vacuum cleaner. The baking soda would come off easily and would leave no stains. Repeat the process if necessary.

You can also use white vinegar to get rid of the smell. Just apply vinegar on the stinking area and let it settle for fifteen minutes. Then use blotting method with a white towel to clean it. Keep the carpet in open or under fans and let it dry properly.

So, these were some tasks that you should do as a good homeowner to keep your carpet clean and healthy. As we discussed before, fall is the best time to schedule a professional carpet cleaning appointment with local contractors. Visit SameDayPros to find some of the best local carpet cleanings near you.