6 Unique Ideas for Kitchen Islands

Every home deserves an attractive and functional kitchen. However, contemplating on design should your kitchen have may be a challenge, especially when you don’t know what looks great and what’s not. It does not matter if you are investing in a condo for rent in Makati or any real estate property in the Philippines, a kitchen should be one of the rooms that could add beauty to your home. But then again, you need to decide a particular design that is best for your kitchen.

However, there are just some kitchen that works better with an island. It does not just add beauty to the kitchen space, but it also enhances the traffic flow and provide extra seating or storage. If you are one of those people who wants to try having a kitchen island at home, then we list down some unique ideas for you.

1. Your own Island Getaway

You do not need to spend too much on a kitchen island. If you want to have one, you can definitely improvised by having a table and an old filing cabinet, antique dresser or a sleek stainless steel lab table. Put them together; you can now have a kitchen island on your own.

2. Take a chance on color

Another unique way to make your kitchen look spacious is through painting your island with a bold color that contrasts with the rest of your kitchen cabinets. You can also play with the design and take the chance to try a fun faux finish or stenciled pattern on your island.

3. Consider seating height

If you are planning to have an island for extra seating space, then consider having a comfortable seating height. The usual standard for most kitchen islands is the “counter” height with stools. However, there are also some people who would prefer having a bar height, which is about 40-42 inch counter with 30-inch seating. Either of the two, it can still be useful in your kitchen.

4. Seating when you need it

If you want to include seating into your island, then you should consider working around the size of your kitchen. That means seating may work better at the end of your island if you have a long, narrow kitchen. Additionally, you may also consider adding a pop-up or fold-down extra tabletop to the side of the island for additional seating only when you need it.

5. Repurpose it in the kitchen

If you have a console or sofa table, then consider using it in the kitchen. These things would make a great kitchen island especially when you have a smaller kitchen space. However, if you do not have any console, then consider staking two occasional tables on top of each other to create your own. Of course, don’t forget to finish it with a solid color paint.

6. A simple storage solution

Another great way to have a function and beautiful kitchen island is through creating your own simple storage solution in your kitchen. Of course, you can improvise it by placing two small bookcases back-to-back and top with a solid-core door or another piece of wood or stone. With this, you will have a simple yet elegant kitchen island.

With these ideas above, you will be able to choose what kind of design you want for your kitchen island. But before you decide, make sure to consider various factors when it comes to your kitchen. This is to make sure that there will be no any costly mistakes later on.