7 Must Have Dresses to Have In Your Wardrobe

Dresses happen to be a favourite among all women. And why not? Dresses carry a sense of fairytale magic around them. If any day you want to feel more feminine and pretty all you have to do is to slip into a stylish dress and wait for the compliments to come your way. But changing trends make it difficult to pick the right dresses that will go all round the years irrespective of the latest styles. They are elegant and timeless pieces and are guaranteed to make you look more stylish. You can wear them in all season be it summer or winter. During summer you can wear them with cute flip-flops or stilettos and layer them with tights as it starts getting colder. Here are some of the must haves you need in your wardrobe right away. Make use of western dresses online and shop these stylish pieces and look amazing. The list goes like:
1. Shift Dress
Perfect for both day and night look, shift dress in some exciting colour is a must have. During daytime you can wear it for casual look and add accessories such as handbags and sandals etc. to give your look a finishing touch. Transition it for a night look by adding some stylish neck pieces and earrings etc. Use a belt to define your silhouette and make a fashion statement.

2. Maxi Dress
Maxi dress looks very chic and stylish and you can wear them in both summer and winter. Offering a breezy silhouette they happen to be the most preferred choice for a street-chic appeal. Opt for floral patterns and bright colours, and team with flats, sneakers or heels according to your taste and occasion. Whether you want to have a cool boho look, an ultra feminine one just want to look edgy they can be easily dressed up and down to get the desired result.

3. A White Dress
Bring a little fresh vibe to your wardrobe with a little black dress. Pristine and classic they are sure to become your go-to dress. Wear them with flats or heels and add accessories to add a finishing touch. If you are not comfortable wearing all white you can always add colour to your look with handbags and sandals. Wear them with a stylish leather jacket and a pair of sneakers to add a bit of an edge to your look.

4. A Floral Dress
Your wardrobe will not be complete if you don’t already have a floral dress. They are cute and stylish and perfect for casual occasions. Experiment with different prints, colours and silhouettes and wear them to everywhere you go and look trendy and fashionable.

5. Sheath Dress
Half of your wardrobe woes are sorted if you have a sheath dress in your wardrobe. You can wear to a number of place and occasion be it casual outings, work and interviews. Team them with jackets and stylish footwear and look your fabulous best.

6. Sweater Dress
Although you can always layer your summer dresses during winter for a stylish look but having a sweater dress is like a safe bet. Stay warm and cozy and look chic by teaming your sweater dress with tights and boots.

7. Shirt dresses
Representing a long button down shirt, shirt dresses are extremely chic and versatile. Wear them with a pair of cute sneakers for a cool and casual vibe. You can also use a statement belt to define your waist.