Automatic Cleaning System- Boosts Your HVAC Efficiency At Minimal Cost!

Most frequently, micro-fouling and scaling are found to be a major problem in the heat exchangers and condenser tubes which ultimately lowers the system output, performance and service life. The utilization of such HVAC system is must or common, not only for comfort cooling in residential or office buildingsĀ but also in a wide range of industries (cold storage, chip manufacturing etc). The problem occurs when using recycled water in an open cooling tower system.

To overcome such situation automatic brushing system has been introduced that sets a continuous cleaning process in motion. It brings a permanent solution for fouling in chiller condenser tubes and heat exchangers. Automatic tube cleaning systems work day in and day out to dispense the development of any solids, lessening the recurrence of expensive maintenance shutdowns while streamlining the gear work. It is also known as on-line tube cleaning system that virtually works efficiently in eliminating fouling and saves 10-25% energy costs.

The automatic brushing system follows a simple path to offer high-performance services. It has a flow reversal valve that automatically back-flushes the cooling water for 30 seconds at set intervals of about 4-6 hours, moving nylon cleaning brushes through the tubes. The cleaning brushes are perched in plastic catch baskets in the water boxes. These baskets are cemented in at each end of a tube. The brushes clean foulant from the tubes using general chemical treatment before they ever have an opportunity to scale on the heat transfer surface.

You can now get this amazing system for your chiller to perform to its full potential effectively. If you want to achieve significant energy savings while reducing the maintenance costs and extending the equipment lifetime we are here to serve you with the best. Watco-Group is dedicated to serving with the reliable, high-quality Eqobrush system at very affordable prices to realize a payback within 1 operational year. Visit our website and get an online quote for your system operating cost within 24 hours.