Build Your Business with the 22 Best WordPress Plugins for E-Commerce

The fast-paced world of e-commerce is making it ever easier for the user to make purchases online through seamless movement from browsing to buying. Online businesses are finding technology to help enhance the user experience and make the transition from browsing to buying even easier.

No longer just the platform for blogs, WordPress offers a host of options for e-commerce through its plugins and platforms to create the WordPress online store.

A WordPress online store starts with an e-commerce platform. From there, the site is enhanced with plugin options and extensions to create an enhanced customer experience.

These e-commerce WordPress plugins provide endless customizable options for any WordPress ecommerce website.

Woocommerce – a favorite free platform with the most current active installs, easy set up and reporting options.

Get Shopped (Previously WP E-Commerce) – one of the most widely used free e-commerce plugins.

Cart-66 (Previously PHPurchase) – a paid plugin that offers all of the necessary functionality with minimal need for extensions.

Shopp – an e-commerce plugin that has been around for some time so most of the bugs have likely been worked out.

Ithemes Exchange – free plugin offers simple set up and easy start up.

Easy Digital Downloads – plugin specifically for selling of downloadable items.

Shopify – good plug in for new users as many of the details are handled directly by Shopify.

Table Rate Shipping for Woocommerce – simplifies the calculation of shipping and adds charge to orders.

Product Countdown – create excitement with a countdown to the end of availability of a product or download.

KissHerder – mines the data on who your customer is and how they operate by tracking comments, shares, tweets, etc.

Clicky by Yoast – offers the same analytics that Clicky offers for WordPress sites now for e-stores.

Bootstrap – helps to increase speed on the site and reduce page load times.

Currency Converter by Woocommerce – offers conversion rates for global customers.

Social Login and Checkout – allows users to login and use their social media sites at checkout.

Sell Media – sell photographs, images, and documents through WordPress. This plugin offers a number of extensions to assist with media sales.

Sell Media Expire Download – sets an expiration on a purchased download to protect against sharing or distribution.

Sell Media Manual Purchase – allows users to choose an alternative form of payment (cash, check, et.) outside of Paypal.

Sell Media Access Control – limits access to certain parts of the site to selected clients through password protection on selected pages.

Sell Media MailChimp – provides smooth integration between the site and MailChimp.

Sell Media Watermark – protects images from unauthorized reproduction by adding a watermark from this plug in.

Sell Media Magnifier – allows users to zoom into an image for a closer look.

Sell Media Free Downloads – allows users access to free downloads to help grow customer databases.

The options for WordPress e-commerce plugins are extensive and help to increase traffic and make purchasing quick and convenient. It’s easy to take a WordPress online store to the next level with a few WordPress plugins. Do check in with a trusted webdesign firm that knows WordPress to consult with them on which plugin is best for your online shop.