Buy Kashmiri Shawl- Known for Elegant Design and Softness

Finding the perfect gift for a lady but not able to decide what to buy for them? This problem is faced by the majority of people because there are so many things to present ladies on their birthdays and special events ranging from clothing, footwear, jewelry, soft toys, and flowers to many more fashion accessories. So, deciding the appropriate one that can win their heart and make them feel more special seems challenging. Gift is the reflection of how much you care about them. Hence, it must be chosen with extreme attention.

Among all the things present to give to women, nothing could be more stunning and pleasing to the eye than shawls. You can Buy Shawls Online for Women at Best Prices in India by exploring the amazing collection. This is the perfect gift that gives the statement on what the dearly loved one really means to you. With the stylish collection of unique and classy Kashmiri shawls, you can brighten up the special day, specific occasion or festive season of a lady and cherish their mood forever.

Varieties of Kashmiri Shawl

On the internet world, you can buy the shawl that best suits your budget and taste of someone whom you want to present it. From printed to embroidered, a wide range of beautiful shawls are found in the market such as Ari, Solids, Kani, Silks, Sozni, etc. The charm of Kashmiri art is also observed in the cinema world from many centuries.       

Types of Kashmiri Shawl

A Kashmiri shawl was the pride of French Queen and has a long tradition of artistic fineness. In the current days, it is not only used as a protective garment but as a symbol of style. Many kinds of fabrics are used for the designing of this accessory and also differ in terms of their prices. Here are the main three types of Kashmiri shawls:

  1. Pashmina

This is the most popular variety that is gaining the attention not only in Kashmir but across the country for its higher softness and beautiful embroidery. Ari, Papier-Mache, and Sozni are main embroideries done on these shawls. Ari or hook embroidery makes the appealing use of flower design for motifs while Papier-Mache work is done in wide panels on any of the side along the breadth. Sozni or needle work is usually done in a panel on shawl’s side and use striking paisleys, abstract designs and flowers as motifs.

  1. Woolen

This variety is known for exquisite embroidery and providing the great warmth to the body during colder days. Kashmiri wool is totally pure.

  1. Shahtoosh

Incredibly warm, soft, and light, these shawls are made from Tibetan antelope’s hair. As compared to others, these are more expensive and have little embroidery.

Kashmiri shawls are classy draping for all ages even any person can wrap it including both men and women. You can Buy Kashmiri Shawls Online in India for yourself as well as giving it as the eye-catching gift to near or dear ones.

There is a great trend of this draping nowadays because its classy design enhances the beauty of a wearer’s personality along with brilliant comfort.