Chinese people favor mobile apps over mobile sites

China captivates several brands from the globe related to disparate domains, due to its massive user base. Featuring advancement in the mobile phone industry along with the availability of data connection, Chinese people are engrossed online. Further, with the launch of mobile apps, the Chinese are spending a lot of time in the apps as compared to desktop web pages.

Due to the enlargement related to the utility of mobile phones, the Chinese consume nearly 85% of their time with the net. An analysis indicates that the metrics related to mobile phone users have soared to 1.06 billion and that they are moving to the latest media channels.  Further stated was that 50% of the consumers use the internet, with 65 % of them using video apps and finally news apps were utilized by 50% of the users.

Advantages of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are economical when evaluated with other messaging alternatives like the SMS texts and emails. They are also integrated with secure guidelines which protect and makes sure that the messages reach the wilful recipient quickly.

Business is upgraded by refining its presence in the market. As users are always in possession of a mobile phone, apps are easily accessed and display a dominating presence compared to mobile sites. It strengthens the faith among the entrepreneurs and the users.

Time used in functioning with mobile apps is minimal as compared to websites where the user has to start the browser and type in the URL to proceed, which takes more time. Apps, on the other hand, are easily interacted with even when they are irrespective of whether they are online or offline.

Consumers are enthralled by the apps as it syncs them with the enterprise immediately and is signified to be a safe and more secure environment when compared with sites. The brands are making use of such apps to integrate instantly with the users with amicability.

Online Purchase:

The dominating presence of mobile apps has resulted in a decline of mobile site usage. The metrics related to mobile app users continues to grow. Based on an analysis by Google, it is indicated that the Chinese consume more than 1 hour related to online purchase of which 75 % of the Chinese users utilize it by mobile devices when evaluated with the other nations of Asia.

Brands are making good use of the technological progress and have launched mobile apps to enhance their presence online, with many of the apps used regarding purchase. Users prefer mobile apps as it is very easy to use and also because of the offerings and concessions provided by the retailers.

A factor as to why the consumers prefer mobile apps when compared to sites is that it is perceived that mobile sites are prone to the hazards and attacks b hackers who steal the personal information regarding the users. An analysis indicates that 37 % of users have blocked promotional deals from the merchants and 72% of purchases welcome the notifications from mobile apps.

Journey planning and booking:

Mobile apps are preferred by Chinese users who are formulating a trip. One of the factors contributing to this aspect is that as a majority of Chinese are well versed in the English language, they depend on such mobile apps to organize their trips varying from booking flight tickets to booking hotels and other such options.

Offering benefits further, the apps provide users with interactive features like best places for tourists to visit, the apt hotels to try out and other such attributes. Many of the Chinese users download travel apps which are synced with the travel agencies to provide organized and useful interaction between the two. The long hours of waiting in travel agencies have become a thing of the past where users can start the vacation by simply installing the apps.

Coming to entrepreneurs, particularly for those going on a foreign trip, these apps are handy in scheduling and organizing the entire trip without any hurdles. Further featured in such apps are weather forecasts, mapping attributes and GPS respectively.


Other than the apps that are already integrated with the smartphone, several others are featured in the market related to daily undertakings. Utility apps for instances like flashlight and plan schedulers when installed improve and upgrades the phone’s utility.

Chinese users install many security related apps that fortify both the data and the device properly. Other handy apps are the ones which eliminate junk files and frees up the memory space, along with apps that boost the phone’s operation. Further featured are apps regarding weather forecast, language translation apps etc.


These apps are among the most abundantly utilized apps globally. The Chinese users possess their own native instant messaging app which is utilized by the non Chinese people as well. The messaging service provides excellent services when evaluated with the typical messaging alternatives present. Apart from text messages, the users can send documents, videos, images etc to others.

Chinese users possess a lot more than 2 messaging apps due to the excellent service which is done. They can also create exclusive groups where the metrics related to the number of members changes. This feature is used by the teenagers, young adults, and entrepreneurs as well (in the case of the latter it is for dealing with office related tasks). A few of the messaging apps also allows a small amount of money to be transferred to others and motivates users to possess a customized online brand. Money related to Charity and loans are as well availed from these apps.


This sector encompasses music apps, video apps, photo editor apps, and other such apps pertaining to entertainment provided. Most of the Chinese users are fascinated by Photoshop and movie apps, whereas the others are captivated by music apps.

People from the younger generation manipulate the photo editor apps to customize and edit their pictures prior to syncing them with networks related to social media. Video apps as well fascinate the Chinese youth where they can customize a short video according to their requirements.

Users from the young generation install apps which enable them to design and customize animated models and share these amusing creations in the various social medias available.

With regards to the cessation of this topic, the usage of mobile phones by the Chinese continues to grow exponentially. The various enterprises are making efforts to enchant the customers by the launch of new app software which is straightforwardly present for the consumers. A Chinese organization has revealed that the enormous increase in the usage of mobile apps has largely impacted the usage of desktop and mobile websites which find dwindling rates of usage.

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