Create and register your domain in Hosting Raja Website


Hosting Raja is one of India’s leading web hosting services who provide best web hosting and domain registration services. In this article, we can see how to register and create domain and steps involved in doing this process. By creating the domain in this website it offers more benefits to the domain creator. It provides services to customers with the best quality and less cost.

Where to register your domain name and its needs:

The domain name helps you to develop your business, buy having a domain you can attract the number of customers to buy your company’s product. To register your domain name the hosting raja is the best website because it also provides free domain registration.

The free domain registration can be helpful for the small and medium-sized business organization to develop their own website without spending more money. You can choose domain while buying the website builder.

The needs of choosing the domain are as follows:

  • The domain name in the website provides identity to your business. Your company’s product is mostly known by its brand name.
  • Using the domain name for your business prevents theft of your brand name. Because the domain name is unique and it cannot be the same for any two of the website developers.
  • Therefore all the website has a domain name and without a domain name, the website will not exist.

Choosing of a domain name:

In this topic, we can see how can we select or choose the domain name for your website. And the rules to be followed while choosing the domain name. The things you need to know before choosing your domain name are as follows:

  • Choose a domain name in such a way that it is easy to remember. If it is complicated the numbers of customers using your website will be reduced but if it is easy your website is used by more number of customers.
    • You should not use numbers and hyphens in your domain name as it becomes complicated.
    • Select the right domain extension and use keywords in your name.
    • It should be unique and simple. So that it helps to remember by more number of customers.You should choose them related to the business and brand name of your products, this helps to identify your brand easily.

The most popularly used domain extensions are .com and .in. The .com indicates commercial and this kind of website are known worldwide. You can use this kind of websites while doing business worldwide. The .in indicates India and this kind of websites are used only doing business in India. There are also other extensions such as .edu,.org, and so on. Therefore you can choose your domain name based the business you are doing and where you are doing.

Transferring of domain name:

In case if you need to transfer your domain name from other registrars to the hosting raja, you need to follow some steps.

  • First, go to the hosting raja website that is
  • Then provide the contact information and EEP code.On the webpage of this site type your domain which you need to transfer.
    • After providing the information on this website, It will transfer your domain to hosting raja within 10 days.

The hosting raja is the only website that transfers your domain name from other registers in a short span of time. If your domain name validity period is going to be expired you need to renew it before it the time limit. If the validity is expired the grace time of 10 days will be provided to renewing the domain. If the grace period is also expired then you need to pay redemption fee to renew your domain name.

Hosting plans:

In this topic, we can see different hosting plans provided by the HostingRaja website. The Hosting Raja provides two different web hosting plans for the customers who are using this website.

  1. Premium and Unlimited plans: This kind of hosting plans are used by most of the customers because here you can unlimited number of files such as CSS, JS, media, audio files and so on. This is suitable for all types of websites except VPS, cloud or dedicated server.
Plans Suitable for Price duration CPU power RAM
Premium corporate Host unlimited data Rs.287/ month 3 years High 3 GB
Premium SME Used for high traffic portal Rs.226/ month 3 years Moderate 2GB
Unlimited Used for medium traffic portal Rs.204/month 3 years Low 1 GB

Apart from these features, all others are same such as it provides unlimited web space, bandwidth, Email, FTP accounts, Domains, SSL certificates, and free C panel.

  1. Affordable Hosting Plans: These kind of hosting plans are cheap and simple hence it can be suitable when you are running small and medium business organizations.
Features Gold Silver Starter
Price Rs. 161/month Rs. 85/month Rs.65/month
Suitable for Corporate Small business Starting
Webspace 120 GB 100 GB 40 GB
Bandwidth 100 GB 20 GB 5 GB
Email 250 emails 50 emails 10 emails
FTP unlimited 10 2
Subdomain Unlimited 5 1
Website 5 3 1
C panel Free Free Free
Free domain Free .in domain no No
Drag and drop site builder Yes no No
Priority support high low Low

These are all the hosting plans provided by the Hosting Raja website and duration for all the plan is 3 years. Any you need any further details regarding the hosting plans to visit the website.

 Hosting services provided by hosting raja website:

The hosting raja website provides most trusted services to you they are cloud, VPS and dedicated server. Now we can see them one by one.

The cloud hosting is one of the services provided by them for both the operating system such as LINUX and windows. It is the only service provider in India which provides free control panel with more security features.  They provide best hosting features using advanced cloud technologies. It provides three plans they are medium, small and micro cloud. You can see the further details regarding this in website.

The VPS hosting service is also provided by hosting raja in addition to the cloud server. The latest technologies such as VM ware, open stack, cloud stack, and open nebula with the VPS server hosting for you with 100% customer support. To know further detail about the VPS hosting using the website.

The other hosting service provided by hosting raja is dedicated server hosting. It is supported by both the windows and Linux operating system. It provides three plans they are basic server, value server and silver server. It provides best quality service to their customers and to know further details about dedicated hosting in website.

 And you can see the details of other hosting services in the website.  


The hosting raja is the best website registrar for domain registration, transferring your domain and renewing the domain. The hosting plans provided by this website are suitable for all types of business organizations such as small, medium and large. It provides the hosting services at affordable cost, hence the number of customers choose this website for registering their domain name on the website.