The Dos and Don’ts of Eyebrow Embroidery for Your Big Day

The brows are considered as the major bridal beauty fad. The ideal shape can complement your face as well as improvise your best features, making you look more amazing in your wedding photographs. Either you would like to have fantastically groomed arches or full brows, every bride desire the brows that look amazing. Want to wake up the morning of your wedding — and every morning for the next year — with perfect brows? Then Eyebrow Embroidery is may be for you.

The eyebrow embroidery involved the usage of a special microblading pen which is having tiny needles, to individually outline the hair-like strokes, making the appearance of full, natural brows. It is quick, accurate as well as semi-permanent process. This actually requires low-maintenance and all you may require a touch-up once a year.

It is good to have before your wedding day, but it may also require some attention prior to go for it. In this article, in the below is given the list of dos and don’ts of this treatment which you must follow.

Eyebrow Embroidery Dos

  1. Do make research

Look for the one who has good experience, great reviews and lots of before and after images to prove it.

  1. Do carry the images of brows you like

Bring pictures of the eyebrows you would like to have, to show your make-up artist. The more you provide your expert to work with, the better the result.

  1. Do prepare well before an appointment

Proper preparation is important. It is suggested that you should avoid plucking, tweezing and waxing brows before your appointment.

  1. Do consult with your make-up expert

This session is most important part before the treatment where you can ask your queries and tell your details to the expert. Tell your likes and dislikes regarding the color and shape of brows.

  1. Do follow the aftercare advice

You have to take good care of your brows after treatment. It is essential for your brows to look better after its healing process and don’t make you feel embarrass.

Eyebrow Embroidery Don’ts

  1. Don’t go for the cheap treatment

Stay away from cost-effective treatment as it can prove to be harmful and don’t forget that you can’t hide your ruined brows.

  1. Don’t be panic if brows are darker at first

The tattooed area will seem somewhat darker for some weeks. Don’t panic, that’s portion of the healing process.

  1. Don’t rush the healing process

As your brows heal, you may encounter some dryness or less scabbing. Don’t pick, scratch or scrub. This can result in scarring and chaos with pigment. So, book an appointment six to eight weeks prior to your big day.

  1. Don’t skip you follow-up appointment

This is a two step process. You should go back four to six weeks after the first treatment to fill any voids and make any essential color adjustments.


Follow these dos and don’ts because if the treatment is done correctly, then it will make you look more presentable, attractive as well as worth your money and time.