Bored of waking up to the same four walls every day? Well, if you nodded in agreement then you know that it’s time for some re-décor. Talking about decorating the interiors, the first fear that we try running away from is budget and the second realize is about being clueless from where to begin. However, we all know that the best way to get things done is simply begin. So here are some creative, budget-friendly ideas for those four walls to feel like home again.

  1. 1. Greenery at its best – Not every family is a fan of gardening thinking of it as high maintenance and time-consuming. To make our lives easier we have an entire greenhouse of succulents available with eye-catching beauty. However, the time to show some creativity is now! Take a plain plant pot for your succulent, apply a primer coat on it and then two layers of chalkboard paint. Wondering what is next? You can write a quote every day on the pot, along with that to get best offers for your plant pot click here. Make your stunning garden with a message to convey, sometimes to take life seriously and sometimes to let loose and have fun.
  2. All about cushions and chairs – When you realise that your seating arrangements are too boring, you probably end up having a nightmare of letting money flow down a stream. Replacing a problem with a latest one of their kind won’t do any good. Rather create some refreshing cushion covers with out of the box sayings like “mad as a hatter” or simply “Smile”.

All you need are a few plain cushion covers and then explore your art. Along with that, you can place something abstract in that seating area which would draw all the attention! Like a cool tall yellow chair or a recliner. It will make the area look trendy yet cozy.

  1. Laundry Room Hacks – Laundry room is one dreadful place to enter. And when it looks dull and boring, it just adds oil to the fire. You can make your life easy by sorting one load at a time. Get a cute clothes hanger with “LAUNDRY” written on it, to enhance the room. You can even get decorative baskets according to the season or a festival such as a pumpkin-like basket for Halloween. You can nail two or three frames with witty quotes about laundry rooms such as “lost socks seeking soul mates”, which make you smile from ear to ear every time you read them.
  2. Plain walls- Perfect backgrounds – Plain walls can be perfect spots for daydreaming yet they invite boredom. If you have any plain walls in your house, make them perfect backgrounds for hanging certain artifacts, family pictures and a sign called “Home”. This will not only make the corner lively but also make it homely. As Christmas is around the corner, probably replacing the ‘o’ in “Home” with a simple wreath would just fit the frame.
  3. Traveller’s diary – In case any of the family members believes truly in the saying “Not all those who wander are lost”, then here is a perfect gift for them. Make them a cute corner in their room with a World map and yellow light LEDs pinned at the places they have visited. Place a vintage wooden table below the map and showcase all their souvenirs from every nook and corner of the world. You can enhance the place by placing the above saying on top of the map with the help of a glue gun.
  4. “But First Coffee” – It is a common trait of every house to have a collection of coffee mugs that they can exhibit. However, just placing the mugs on a shelf is cliché. Here’s how we can make this innovative. Take three 6-inch wide wooden plies of equal lengths. Hook them to each other. On the first wooden ply, paint the above saying and on the other two plies fix hooks to hang your mugs. Finally, hook the first ply into a wall in your Kitchen or Dining area.
  5. Reminder frames – How often do we forget things? And in order to make sure we don’t, we make stick notes and forget about them. Well here is a creative and an appealing idea. Take a frame and add any picture you like, take a marker and make a list of the things on the glass of the frame. You can hang this frame anywhere and it will still look like a cool DIY project.
  6. No to plastic- It is so annoying to look at all your storage in random plastic boxes! Rather take a few mason jars and paint them, creating your own art. You can use them to store your cotton balls, cotton swabs, medicines and the list is endless.
  7. Lights and candles- We all would agree that fairy lights and aroma candles make everything seem better. So guess what? You got the hint. Make your home more winsome hanging some fairy lights probably along the roof of your backyard or in your rooms and placing aroma candles at various locations.
  8. Last but not the least, come up with your own innovation and leave everyone spellbound.

Room re-decors are the most enjoyable tasks according to me. They aren’t stressful if you just figure out ways to work out your imagination and once they do, it is the most satisfying job that you would crave to do it at every step when you get a chance to.