Excellent Holiday Tips and Ideas for the Busy Business Traveler

Everyone has a different kind of job that requires different responsibilities. For some, they’re required to be in an office all day, available for phone calls or meetings; others may be required to responsibly and safely drive semi trucks. With the advancements in travel technology over the last decade or two, many of us are required to travel on the regular. It can be stressful and demanding; so if you know someone who is always traveling for work, here are some good gift ideas that they’ll surely appreciate.

  • New Carry On Luggage and Garment Bag
    • Go to your local outlet mall or big box retailer, and look for a nice new small sized carryon and garment bag. Make sure it is durable, small enough to carry on, but big enough to fit the essentials. Remember about the TSA liquid restrictions, and looks for an approved, 100% transparent zipper bag for their toiletries. Help get them something that they can keep packed at all times so they will always be ready to go, on short notice if necessary.
  • Promotional Tools
    • Get them some extra business cards and other promotional tools made up, and keep them in a side pocket of their to go bag. This way, they will always have their cards when it matters most. If they are going to a trade show, think of some other unique ways to get the company name out. Some people benefit more from promotional stress balls than from paper business cards.
  • Help Set Up Travel Alerts to Save Money
    • Check all of the most popular discount travel websites to find the best deals. Help them set up alerts for fare drops, and also see which sites have price matching. Sites like com can make your life a lot easier This isn’t exactly a “gift”, but if you don’t have much of a budget, helping them save money with a little of your time will count.
      • Also, bundle rental cars, hotels, and flights. Some people might not realize how much time and money they can save when bundling. Show them how to make everything in one reservation, rather than three separate reservations; this will simplify arrival a lot!
  • Look for Rewards Programs
    • Business travel expenses are always covered by the company for tax reasons; so even though the company is paying for the flight, rental car and hotel, you can make the reservations in your name and take advantage of any rewards they may offer. Find a hotel you really like and see what kind of loyalty programs they offer. Usually they’ll offer a points system or some way to compensate you in the future. You can add these up, and eventually use them for personal use when traveling not for work.
  • Keep Detailed Records of Expenses
    • Even though the company should cover all costs, keep all your receipts in case there are any disputes. This will ensure that you don’t end up paying for anything from your own pocket.