A Guide To Style Your Looks By Selecting The Best Diamond Earrings

For a woman, it is vital to have a few staple dresses in her wardrobe so that she is always ready for every type of event. The same goes for jewelry. It is not feasible to have a pair of diamond earrings for each dress or matching white gold necklace for every party gown you have. Rather, having jewelry that goes well with most of your dresses is a more practical option.

Earrings come in a few basic styles. Depending on which style suits your face cut, you can choose from these basic diamond earrings types and don them with your expensive party gown or your hot date night outfit.

The timeless studs

Studs are the simplest form of earrings with a single gemstone may it be a diamond, a pearl or any other colored gemstone. These come in a myriad of sizes of the gem affixed with a metallic post that holds the stone over the earlobe. These are very elegant and look good on all types of face shapes. Studs never give a look that goes over the top; these always look subtle and understated. Multiple pairs of studs can be worn if you have multiple piercings on each lobe. These can be matched with a sleek neck chain for a party look.

The button earrings

Button earrings look similar to the studs with one significant difference which is the number of gems. These are a cluster of small size stones. These come in a huge range of shapes which can be an arrangement of same stones, a bigger stone bordered by small stones or any other type of assembly. The bigger the diamond, the higher the price is. So if you have a budget, button diamond earrings are always a great option.

The funky dangles

As fun as it sounds, a pair of dangles would add a lot of vigor to your looks.  You will find an absolutely unique collection of dangles in every jewelry shop you visit. Go for flower shaped crystal assembly, try the elegant pearl drop design or opt for the long chain diamond drop earrings; you have a huge choice in this class of earrings.

The classy Drop Earrings

If you have a long face contour, nothing can complement your face better than these. Drop earrings render a lavish, elegant and feminine charm to your personality. These feature a pearl or a gem that drops below the earlobe hanging with a plain or embellished metal chain. These earrings move very gracefully when worn.

The dynamic hoops

From the simple metal rings to the ones with a metallic mesh and the ones embellished with dazzling diamonds, hoops come in an endless array of designs. Yet another style of diamond earrings that goes well with all types of face cuts, a pair of hoops is a must have for women from all age groups. These have always been in fashion enhancing the feminine beauty and rendering exuberance in its own unique way. Their popularity and affordability make them a great gifting option too.

Which one is better for me?

If you like all of them, you are not alone. All of these styles have their unique effect on the wearer. None can be kept above the other in terms of looks but one might possibly compliment your appearance better than the others for sure. So here is a step by step guide to help you choose the most suitable pair of diamond earring for yourself:

  • Consider the occasion. If it’s your wedding or any such big event, danglers would give you that classy yet dynamic look that you may be looking for. Whereas, for a smaller event like a party, studs or buttons can give you an understated yet chic look.
  • Don’t ignore your comfort, everything else can be adjusted. Dangles and drop earrings are generally a little heavier than studs and buttons. The heavy ones should only be preferred if you are able to wear them for the whole event without hurting your earlobes.
  • Make sure whatever you choose suits your dress and hairdo. You should keep your dress and hairstyle always in mind while choosing jewelry for your ears.

So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try the hottest new styles of the season this time!