Home Remedies for Pneumonia

A bacterial, fungal or viral infection in the lungs can lead to inflammation in them and this causes Pneumonia, which is a pretty serious respiratory condition. During pneumonia, the air sacs in the lung are filled up with pus due to the infection and it becomes difficult for the patient to breathe. Although it starts as a mild condition, but Pneumonia can turn fatal if left unattended. Its common symptoms are fever, cough, shortness of breath and shaking chills, along with, muscle pain or chest pain when coughing.

Here are some home remedies that help you recover from this condition:

  1. Fenugreek Seeds: Due to its mucolytic properties, fenugreek is a magic remedy for pneumonia as it breaks up congestion. It can be consumed as fenugreek tea by boiling the seeds in two cups water. The tea also helps relieve the lungs of mucus and highly helps the patients in improving breathing.
  2. Garlic: The antimicrobial properties of garlic help fight bacteria, fungi and viruses. Garlic brings down body temperature and clears phlegm from the chest. Consuming milk boiled with crushed garlic for a while along with a little turmeric powder helps pneumonia patients.
  3. Steam Inhalation: Inhaling steam helps in fighting the infection and also improves breathing by relieving the body of congestion.
  4. Sesame seeds:Being natural expectorant, sesame seeds can be consumed by boiling it in a cup of water with linseed, honey and a pinch of salt. Drinking this mixture daily helps expel phlegm out of the body and increases the volume of the air sacs.
  5. Carrot Juice: Drinking carrot juice with cayenne pepper helps in increasing the energy in the body and helps increase the breathing capacity of the lungs. The significant amount of minerals in carrot juice also helps in recovering the body from fatigue.
  6. Turmeric: Turmeric has high medicinal properties and helps to expel mucus from the respiratory tract of pneumonic patients. The antibacterial properties of turmeric also help assist fight infection. You can consume turmeric milk either orally or mix turmeric in mustard oil and rub it on your chest.
  7. Eucalyptus oil: Eucalyptus oil helps kill the germs of pneumonia and also help relieve the body of congestion. It also breaks the mucus inside the air sacs of the lungs and helps improve the breathing. Eucalyptus oil can be consumed by mixing a few drops in boiled water and inhaling the steam. This would be done at least twice a day to ensure better results.

Apart from the above measures, it is important to take the doctor’s advice and some antibiotics prescribed by them in order to relieve the body of the infection and for better recovery. Do ensure the remedies are working for you when deciding to continue them as different people have different types of remedies working for them. Take ample rest and a balanced diet to ensure faster recovery from the disease. So suggest these remedies to your family and friends to get some relief from Pneumonia.