Important Specifications Regarding Insulators for Power Systems

The insulation is one of the important aspects that make the power lines safe from hazardous situations. It allows the power system from shocks, water contamination, and polluted environment. However, all of these things depend on the quality of product you buy. The manufacturer having ample resources to provide all kinds of benefits to the power line is the only way to get high performance.

Adding to that, project handlers sometimes get confused among different options and end up having a product that doesn’t suit their project. This can lead to different complications and reduce the performance of the power distribution systems.

Hence, keep following specifications in mind regarding the Polymer insulatorswhile picking insulators for your project. 

  1. Should have light weight

The light weight is an amazing trait that makes these products different from the other types. In fact, polymer ones are usually three to four times lighter than the porcelain type. This allows the installer to easily do the job without any sort of hard effort. This is a gift of technology for the modern power systems to make thing a little easier. 

  1. Hydrophobic properties should be high

The hydrophobic nature is highly required from the insulators. And no other material fits into the category better than the polymer ones. Its hydrophobic capacities are amazingly impressive and don’t let water to contaminate the surface of the system.  

  1. Should be able to perform in polluted environments

The increased amount of pollutants in the atmosphere has made it mandatory for the engineers to look for the advanced designs of the product that can easily fight with the pollution. Here comes the polymer material that allows the manufacturers to produce high-class designs that can provide high-class performance even in the highly-polluted areas. However, this property highly depends on the manufacturing methods employed by the company. 

  1. Should be able to conquer shocks

High shock resistance is another requirement engineers look for while choosing these products. Among all the types polymer has proven itself as the highest shock resister. This makes the material a better choice for any kind of power system.  

  1. Should be secure

The security of the product is highly important for the safety of the power system and the people working on it. This trait totally depends on the quality of material, production procedure, and the testing conducted by the manufacturer. All of the phases decide the safety and security of the product. Hence, one needs to make sure that the product is from a reliable and trusted manufacturer.  

  1. Dielectric strength should be optimum

Optimum dielectric strength is another important aspect one requires in the power system. A material that lets you get the strength is a solid fiberglass rod used in polymer type of insulators. This allows the product to perform efficiently for a long time.

So, these are some of the most important specifications related to the insulators in the power system. Keep them in mind and choose the right type for your project.