Important Things To Remember While Buying Office Space In Dubai

Dubai is the most popular commercial city in the Middle East that houses plenty of local and foreign industries. As this magnificent city is located on the coast of Persian Gulf, it is well connected to many other countries via waterways, air routes and land routes. Hence, plenty of commercial organizations from different sectors want to buy office space in Dubai for expanding their businesses in this region.

Thus, the real estate industry is also booming in this city and the prominent real estate companies have numerous offers regarding office for sale in Dubai. But the buyers need to be a bit choosy and should consider many vital aspects while buying their company offices in this city, as it involves a huge investment. Any wrong choice in buying offices can adversely affect their entire business prospects in the Middle East.

Factors to be checked while buying office space in Dubai


  • Suitable location – Ideally, a commercial office should be situated in the close vicinity of a busy marketplace. There are several world-famous industrial buildings in Dubai; like World Trade Center and Dubai International Finance Center. The locations of the offices and showrooms nearby these business landmarks are considered to be prestigious for the company brands. Moreover, the numbers of visitors are also expected to increase to a great extent, thus enhancing the business prospects of those companies who buy offices for their business expansions in Dubai.
  • Availability of all facilities – The office premises should be conveniently connected to all other parts of the city, to facilitate easy transport for the employees and the customers. So it is better to check whether the proposed office for sale in Dubai is near to any bus stand and railway station. Also, there should be enough eateries and medicine shops for the convenience of the staffs who will be working there.
  • Number of employees in office – The size of an office generally depends on the numbers of people who are supposed to be working there and also on the nature of the tasks to be accomplished. Hence, the company owner should consider these factors and decide on the approximate staffs required for running his office in Dubai, before proceeding to buy an office here.
  • Required size of the office – The size of the new office should be able to accommodate the working stations of all the working staffs comfortably, as well as the pantry, washroom and the recreation room for their use. The startup companies usually do not need a large office at the initial stages, compared to the new branches of the renowned brands. However, the minimum size of an office should be 200 square foot for obtaining the trade license from the local authority in Dubai.
  • Quality of the office building – As buying an office is a huge investment for the business owner; he should personally inspect the property and check whether it is both structurally and functionally suitable for his future office. It is also a good idea to hire a professional engineer to check the quality and the probable durability of the building, before finally closing the deal of buying office space in Dubai.
  • Cost of the office space – The total price of a ready-made office space should include the costs of all the amenities provided in the office building, like the heating and cooling system, coffee makers and microwave oven in the pantry, internet facility, as well as audio-video equipment for the recreation of employees.  The basic costs of the offices actually vary according to the locations and the sizes of the premises. The presence of the well arranged reception, visitors’ lounge, conference room and parking space also increase the office price to some extent.

Downtown Dubai is a popular business center, as it is well connected by Metro railways and roadways to all other corners of this large city. This place is particularly famous among the tourists for the presence of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. So it is one of the busiest places of Dubai, with all the necessary urban facilities. Business Bay is another highly crowded industrial hub, which is specially planned for housing the offices of several commercial organizations. Jumeirah Lake Tower Free zone and Dubai Marina are two other busy marketplaces, where many official buildings are available for sale or rent.