Kiwis : A Power House Of Nutrition

Kiwi is a fruit which has high nutritional content. This fruit is vibrant green in color with black seeds inside. This fruit can be used as a lovely fruit salad and also as toppings on cakes and ice cream desserts. This fruit has a refreshing flavor and is a fruit which one loves to eat.

Not only this, kiwi fruit has a lot of nutritional benefits as well. That is why if one thinks of gifting a fruit basket to someone, they can always add kiwis to the varieties of fruits in the basket.

This fruit is said to be having Chinese origin and according to many researchers, it has high medicinal values as well. This is known to be an exotic fruit and when eaten as a raw fruit, it can provide a lot of benefits to human health.


The nutritional values of Kiwi

  • This fruit is a high source of Vitamin C. In fact, people say that this fruit has high Vitamin C content than oranges and lemons. If 100 grams of kiwi are taken, there is 154 percent of Vitamin C, which is almost double of lemon and orange. That is why, this fruit is a power house of antioxidants. This helps in eliminating free radicals and so it can prevent cancer and other kinds of inflammation. This also helps to increase the immunity power of a human body.
  • This is a sleep inducer. Kiwi has a lot of medically useful compounds among which serotonin is an important compound, and it helps to cure sleeping disorders and diseases like insomnia in an individual. If one can consume two kiwi fruits an hour before bed time, then they can have a sound sleep at night.
  • Kiwi fruit is also a good source of dietary fiber. It increases metabolism rate and also helps in hassle free digestion. This fruit also helps in keeping blood pressure level in control in a human body and also helps in keeping blood sugar level and cholesterol in control. It is highly recommended for people who are suffering from diabetes and also helps in reducing the body weight.
  • Kiwi fruits also contain actinidain, which is equivalent to papain in papaya fruit. That is why this fruit is a good protein dissolver in a human body.
  • This fruit is a good source of folate. This fruit also contains a high level of Vitamin B6, which is also known as folate. This is good for pregnant women as it helps in healthy development of fetus and keeps it in good condition. This is also good for growing children.
  • Kiwis are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and it has a huge amount of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. This keeps a healthy blood circulation in human body and also good for eye sights, bones and muscles tissues. It helps in keeping the bone structure strong and are good for tissue development.

Fruit baskets thus should contain Kiwis as they are good for human health and development.