Knowing how this New Year can be celebrated

The New Year is known to mark the closing of the current year and setting of the forthcoming year. January 1st every year is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians alike across the globe. Even Indians all over the country love to welcome the New Year in their own way.  The citizens of Delhi are not behind in the celebration and show the world how well they can celebrate and be creative each year.

An important day

It is indeed an important occasion that is celebrated by both children and adults alike. 1st January indeed marks the starting of the New Year, which means another year being added into the life of the individual. When going back to their birth date, the very thought of it, does bring back some nostalgic memories in the minds of the person. The celebration when carefully planned does ensure that the mood is set for everyone to enjoy it thoroughly and make the most of this special day.

Enjoying parties

New Year Party in Delhi among people of all ages is quite common. Children, seniors, men and women of all ages love to celebrate this grand day in their own way. Children prefer to exchange cards, gifts and the like with their friends, watch the latest cartoon movies or play new games. They also love to wear their favourite branded, stylish clothes. Teens are known to move in a group and catch the excitement and happenings at the nearest pub or discotheque dancing to the tunes of their favourite DJs, both Indian and their foreign counterparts. Women love to have kitty parties together enjoying the moods of the day, while men love to share their thoughts and plan together for new businesses or other things as deemed fit.

Celebrating as a family

Some families prefer to get together as a unit to celebrate the day. They either have a party inside the house, on the terrace, at the lawn, at a friend or relatives place. Some even plan to go for short trips and picnics. This day, also witnesses people in huge numbers visiting zoo, theme parks or making short trips to another city or tourist destination. There are also many who prefer to visit temples to seek blessings of their favourite god to ensure that they and their family can get all the good things and be hale and hearty throughout the New Year.

Plenty of fun and excitement

There are indeed plenty of things to be done, felt and experienced on the New Year Eve. This is the time, when pastries and cakes are ordered in good quantities along with sweets of all types. Cake is cut with candles representing the year. Sweets are then distributed to guests arriving to celebrate the day and shared with the neighbours. As a matter of fact, there are various ways, by which the New Year celebrations can be had. It is only the imagination of the person that may limit the person’s celebration activities.