Lincodes actually works in the first place. It is a Digital Addressing System made exclusively for India that divides the entire country into a grid of more than 360 billion squares of 10ft x 10ft area and each square has been assigned a unique 12 digit identification number, similar to the Aadhar system and that is Lincodes for you. “Lincode” changes correspondingly for every 10 feet in either direction, thus providing you with very precise coordinates. You can share your lincode with anyone through SMS, email and many more and they can use the app to track your location accurately. This app works on both ios and android. Once you register with the app, you can save and create a list of multiple lincodes for frequent use.


LinCodes is a collective addressing system that relies on the on a grid of 360 billion squares of 10ft x 10ft area to serve its purpose. These grids aid in pinpointing any location in India with absolute precision, something that the country really needs in our age of communication. Now, each of these 10ft x 10ft squares present in the grid are allocated a unique & permanent  12 digit
number that makes identification of each square unique, simple and efficient in the process.

These individuals square, or as we refer to them, Lincodes are produced using a highly precise and calculated methodology which are in turn based on logical algorithms. On the basis of the information we upload regarding the country’s location stats, the algorithm allocates every 10ft x10ft square across India with a Unique 12 digit number in a way that each adjoining squares get
common 11 digits and so on.

Main advantage of using numbers for location tracking is that anybody can find any location accurately and without any language barrier. Also, a number code can be easily communicate and cuts down the likelihood of making mistakes as it is with the current system of Long street addresses, Landmarks, mobile short links etc.

When the app is open, one can search for a particular location to get its Lincode, or enter the Lincode to find the location. One can also store frequently used addresses. The app can be used offline and does not depend on GPS and latitude/longitude, thus making it accessible to anyone with unpredictable internet availability at any given point of time.