On Page optimization is the technique of optimizing your website, it is the first step while promoting website . Why we do on Page optimization ? what is the need of on page optimization ?

1) we do on page SEO to make our website appear in search engine result pages .

2)  If we don’t do on page optimization then it will be difficult for us to make our website appears in search engine result page. No website can survive without SEO techniques . It is the most important step . The better your on page SEO, the more higher rank your website will get.


Technique we Use in On page optimization

1. Title tag optimization : In these step we optimize the title of a website , the tittle must not contain more than 60 words , your title must be completed with in 60  characters.

2.Meta tag optimization : In meta tag optimization we optimize the description of our website.
the description which is written in meta tag must be completed with in 150 words

3. Header tag optimization : In header tag optimization we optimize h1, h2  h3 tag our primary keyword must comes in h1 tag .

4. Checking keyword density : While doing on page we concentrate on keyword and the keyword which we focuses is called primary keyword . So we should not use primary keywords repetitively . Primary keyword must be 1-2% of your content.

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