Read and Don’t Read, It’s a Different Life

Read and Don’t Read, It’s a Different Life

A day of exercise and non-exercise, and the other day, there is no difference; it is a few months to look at the difference; however, there is a great difference between the body and the mental state in the past five years. It is also the same reason for reading and not reading.

Learn more about today, and I will bet less tomorrow.

Ask :” I’ve read a lot of books, but then most of them forget, what do you mean?

The answer :” when I was a kid, I had a lot of food, and now I can’t remember anything. But it can be sure that some of them have grown into my bones and meat.”

The books you’ve read in fact have long been integrated into your bones, as long as a point of touch will be light.

Some people ask that the girls have been studying for so long, reading so many books, and ultimately not going back to an ordinary city, a normal job, married to a man.

I think that our insistence is that, even if it is finally falling into the red tape, the same work, the same for the same family, the same as the same family, and the same for the same generations. There are different levels of literacy.

The number of books per year in the world is a Jew, an average of 64 to 64 The 1300 billion people of China, with the elimination of textbooks, have not been able to reach 1 per person per year. A nation that loves to read, naturally is excellent.

Since the creation of the Nobel Prize, the Jews have taken 20 % of the chemical awards, 25 % of the physics awards, 27 % physiological and medical awards, 41 % of the economics awards, 12 % of the 12 The Bell literature prize, and also got more than 1/3-Awards, and more than 1/3 of the Oscar Awards. The Jewish population is only 0.3 ℅. in the world.

” you are in your present temperament, hiding your way through, the book you’ve read, the person who loved it.”

To Read, let me, even if there is no abundance of life, there is still plenty of life, and so far,

Even the future married people, wisdom and kindness are my dowry. I have not been in the city of prosperity and I have never heard of the noise, and I have never seen a lot of people who have not been in the heart, but the books gave me all the wisdom and feelings

If you wake up in the middle of the night, you haven’t read it, and you have to know that you have fallen.

Not to say how remarkable it is, but to read this act means you don’t fully agree with this life and reality, you still have the pursuit, and the struggle, you still have resentment, and you’re still looking for another possibility, another kind. Way of life.”

I read for the people I don’t want to meet. Reading is to be a person who has a temperature to think about.