Sales Productivity: The Best Networking Apps for Salespeople

“A networking event is a farmer event, not a hunter event. You are there to plant seeds and cultivate your garden and not ‘bag prey’” –Sandy Jones-Kaminski
There has never been any doubt that a successful salesperson should know the rudimentary skills of networking. As it is, networking is not only integral, but paramount to sales. After all, how would you expect to find your prospective clients and customers? You cannot simply wait for them to fall into your palm and discover you—you need to go out there, scour the world for prospects then try and ingratiate yourself with them.
Indeed, networking is a vital part of the prospecting process and is an excellent way to introduce yourself, your product or your service to an audience in a rather casual environment. While networking typically happens in a forum designated for it, it can also happen when you least expect it—such as when you are waiting your turn at the checkout counter. With this in mind, it is important to consider being ready to make the most out of any encounter with a potential client or customer AT ALL TIMES. To ensure that you do precisely just that, this article has rounded up some of the best productivity apps for sales which can be found below:
Mighty Meeting

With the MightyMeeting app, you can turn your boring presentations into an interactive experience for your prospects. Moreover, it allows you to share videos, presentations and documents wherever you might be at any time. As everything is stored safely in the cloud, there is no need to worry about losing your files. Furthermore, they can be accessed online or offline anytime. So, with this app on your phone you can easily whip up your presentation every single time you might be having an excellent conversation with a prospect.

Hubspot CRM

This free app allows you to create tasks from contacts, companies or deal records. From there, you can then set email reminders or due dates. Furthermore, you can customize it to include notes and set the type of task you have. Alternatively, you can also designate this task to someone else. When you have created a task, you can then add it to your timeline in order for you to better track your completion on your Tasks Dashboard.

Evernote Scannable

Anyone who wishes to be more productive at work should always have Evernote on their phones. To complement the productivity app, download Evernote Scannable app which helps you keep business cards after networking events. Networking events are natural purveyors of prospects for salespeople—so much so that they can expect to gather a myriad of business cards from attendees. However, the problem is when you cannot keep track of how many cards you have gathered or worse, lose them. With the Evernote Scannable app, you can address this problem simply by storing the valuable information in their cards. With the app, you can capture a clear image of their cards which will automatically save the name, title, company and other relevant contact info within in a single contact note. Pretty nifty, is it not? It saves you the trouble of wrangling business cards as well.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an app that utilizes LinkedIn’s existing algorithm to provide salespeople with lead recommendations and prospects that are tailored to you and your business. In this way, your networking is not only more effective, but a lot more purposeful. As a result, you can expect to see more success this way. Moreover, this app shows you real-time sales updates which mean you will always be kept up to speed as regards your prospect.—whether they change companies, make it to the news or the like.