Show Me Your Bag, I’ll Show You Mine

A handbag comes as the most prized possession of the women folk. While adding to the style quotient handbags also happen to stash all our valuables and keep it safe and within reach. In fact most of us are very careful at times. We dump everything we want to hide in our handbag. And in no less time our handbags becomes our secret box hiding our life from the world. They are more often like a facade with colourful shiny surfaces and perhaps that’s the reason why we are not comfortable to show our bag to everyone. So if your handbag is what saves you from appearing a complete mess you have all the more reason to buy the best ones. Therefore we have brought you a list of handbags you would love to have in your wardrobe.

  1. Satchel bags

Satchel bags happen to be the most feminine and stylish among all others. Also you can carry them in whichever way you like. The great thing about these bags is that you can easily transition them from day to night look and still look amazingly put together because they are super versatile and easily go with different looks.

  1. Backpacks

Recently backpacks have received some major fashion update. Available in a variety of colours and sizes they have become a must have modern wardrobe staple. So if you thought that backpacks are boring maybe you should give it a second thought.

  1. Bucket bag

If you love stuffing your handbags the bucket bag seems ideal for you. Providing you with enough room they come with a long strap which makes it easier to carry them. Add to it lots of cool and stylish colours and embellishments to match your style quotient.

  1. Cross body bag

Cross body bag comes as a favourite among fashion lovers. Moreover you can opt for different colour, size and style depending on your style and requirement. They also come as the most preferred option if you are on the go and want to keep your hands free.

  1. Tote bag

Large or medium sized, a tote bag comes as the ideal bag for the busy women. First thing they have plenty of space to offer and secondly they are easy to carry and can be found in a range of stylish colours. Grab one in neutral colour such as black and brown if you intend to carry them to work every day as it will work fine with most of stuffs in your wardrobe.

  1. Oversized clutch

There are evening clutches and there are day clutches and most of the time we keep switching between the two. Replacing these two with a stylish oversized clutch eliminates this need to switch from one look to another. Oversized clutches are versatile, fashionable and can easily transition from one look and outfit to another without much effort. Get them in pretty colours, style and emb