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Hello – if you are reading these then congratulations! You want to become part of a small group of elite guest bloggers on one of the best loved and most engaged blogs for writers on the Internet.

Terms of submissions:

  • Write down your thoughts in MS Word or notepad. Please review your contents and check spell and grammar. If your article is ready for online view, then send it.
  • Create or find content related images and also attached with an article. Image size should be, Maximum width 640 x height 400
  • You must have image exploring rights; otherwise, pass the image credit for the original source.
  • We would like to give outgoing links for the reason of it is adding additional information for our website visitors. So, link out referral articles from authority websites. We are avoiding spam and phishing websites.
  • You cannot promote your company, brand, product or services. We are allowing backlink on a company name and social profiles (like – facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, google+) from the end of the article “author bio section”.
  • We value article content, not length. We are open to webcasting, here at no words limit. You are free to submit 500 to 600 words article. Write content basis on reader’s interest, so don’t add unwanted text to increase article length.
  • Content must be original, haven’t been published in another place. If we found a second copy of the article somewhere else. Blogsuit has full rights to edit or remove post anytime.
  • If you use famous quotes or experts opinion from elsewhere, present it accurately (in quotes), in that case, pass credit with an annotation.

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Note: If you want to submit sponsor reviews or post, you need to pay a some amount for our services. We will share your apps, services or products with our readers and give you link back to your website from article body.