Top 10 International Brands to Buy Fashion Ware in 2018

Gone are the days when clothes were just a piece of fabric used for covering the body. Now the clothing industry has become one of the biggest industries of the world.We spend thousands of dollars on our clothing throughout our whole life. No matter if you buy clothes from online or offline stores, you always try to make your investment worthy.Shopping is always a difficult task for many and I am also a person who finds shopping difficult. What should you buy and from where? Whatever you want to buy make sure it must be a quality product. The top fashion brands ensure the quality of the clothes and you should spend money on buying branded fashion wear.

Today in this post with BlogSuit you are gonna know about top 10 international brands to buy fashion wear in 2018.

1.Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is said to be the most expensive brand in the world. From 2006 to 2012, Louis Vuitton has been honored with the world’s most luxury brand title.This fashion house was founded by Louis Vuitton in France in 1854 and after almost 164 years of foundation; it is still one of the top fashion brands. Louis Vuitton is popularly known as LV all over the world.Louis Vuitton manufactures a wide range of fashion wear products including luxury trunks, shoes, leather goods, watches, ready-to-wear, jewelry, sunglasses, books and other accessories.


Gucci is one of the most valuable brands of Italy and was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. Gucci got the decent rank of 38th in the list of Forbes most valuable brands of the world. Gucci has everything for you, from ladies dresses to men’s shirts and from perfumes to jewelry. Gucci has more than 280 stores worldwide as well as it sells products online too. Gucci deserves to be the world’s top fashion brands just because of its supreme quality of products. You can find Gucci products in almost every part of this earth.


Burberry is also one of the oldest fashion house founded in 1856 Basingstoke, England. The founder was Thomas Burberry and the first shop of Burberry was opened in Haymarket, London.Burberry is world famous for manufacturing a completely different kind of waterproof and breathable fabric known as ‘Gabardine’. This fashion house has more the 500 offline stores worldwide.Burberry is known for its high-quality garments, jewelry, bags, shoes, accessories and much more. It is a one-stop shop where you can buy each and every fashion product for yourself.


Giorgio Armani is an Italian brand founded 1975 by Giorgio Armani. Armani is one of the fewest fashion brands which designs, manufacture and retails its products. Armani manufacture and retails a wider range of fashion and leisure products such as leather goods, ready-to-wear, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, accessories, cosmetics, eyewear, home interiors and many more.This fashion brand distributes its products under few labels including Giorgio Armani, Giorgio Armani Prive, Armani Jeans, Armani Collezioni, Armani Junior, Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani.With the headquarters in Milan, Italy, Armani served all over this blue planet. In just 42 years of foundation, Armani has become the top fashion brands in the world and all the credits go to its quality products and awesome shopping services.


The Hermes is also known as the “Hermes of Paris”. Hermes was established in 1837 by Thierry Hermes in Paris, France. This French fashion house manufactures a chain of luxury goods.The brand value of Hermes is more than $10.6 billion with the revenue of $5.3+ billion. Hermes products are loved worldwide and it is famous for its wider range of quality silk scarves and Kelly bags.Hermes is known for manufacturing and retailing a wide range of men, women and unisex scents and perfumes. This French fashion brand also manufactures ready-to-wear clothes both for men and women, shoes, jewelry, ties, bags, bracelets and other fashion accessories.


Noah was founded by Brendon Babenzien in Mulberry, New York. Noah is one of the best men’s clothing brands of America. Noah was created with a motto to provide quality, originality, and integrity of its products.Noah works on manufacturing the best and quality products which must be enough inspiring for the staffs and the customers too.If you are men and looking for top quality ready-to-wear products then go to Noah. No matter if you need to buy tees, hats, sweatshirts, shoes, sunglasses and outwears, bottoms and accessories, you will get everything at Noah stores.


This is a first Spanish fashion brand to be included in this list. It was founded in 1975 in Arteixo, Spain by Rosalia Mera and Amancio Ortega.Zara is one of the fewest fashion houses with having the most number of stores worldwide. There are more than 2,100 stores of Zara established across 88 countries and counting.From Egypt to the United States and from India to Italy, you will find Zara almost everywhere. What about Australia? Don’t worry; Zara stores are also located in Australia and even New Zealand. Zara had got more popularity after switching to non-toxic clothing production.

8.Raf Simons

Raf Simons a furniture designer turned fashion designer launched his menswear label in 1995. Raf Simon was self-trained fashion ware designer.The Belgian menswear designer is not an average fashion designer. He has worked for both Christian Dior and Calvin Klein as a creative director.Raf Simon has been honored with both menswear and womenswear designer of the year while working as a creative director for Calvin Klein. Thus if you are looking for best designer clothes, Raf Simons could be your first choice.

9.Dolce & Gabbana

Two Italian fashion designers Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce met in 1980 in Milan. These two people are behind one of the best fashion ware brands in the world “Dolce and Gabbana”. After just a few years of foundation, it becomes the first choice of the fashion lovers in the 90’s. Dolce and Gabbana retail almost every fashion ware and accessories. It retails ready-to-wear clothes both for men and women, perfumes, watches, eyewear, jewelry, and other related kinds of stuff. It is one of the most valuable brands in the world with 100+ stores all over this blue planet.


Raymond is one of the top fashions brand known for its quality apparels. Raymond is an Indian brand having many stores in many parts of the world. Raymond is especially known for its best quality readymade garments and designer wear.Raymond group owns many fashion brands including Raymond, Raymond Premium, Color Plus, Park Avenue, Parx and Park Avenue Women.Multiple products are manufactured in the Raymond Group assembly line such as designer wear, readymade garments, cosmetics, toiletries, prophylactics, engineering tools and much more.

Final Note:

Fashion ware industry is growing drastically with no signs of downfall and it plays a significant role in each and every person’s life, from customer to retailer.If you are looking for best fashion brands there are many. Shop according to your requirements and budget to save your time and money.