Two Main Gas Phase Filtration Process

Due to increase in global population, the demand of every sector which provides the excellent for controlling the environmental contamination is increasing exponentially. Indoor air quality is becoming the major point of concern for the businesses whose work generates the airborne pollutants. The contaminants produced by manufacturing or industrial process can be removed with filtration created to physically capture and grasp the small pieces of intangible material.

Gas phase filtration

Elimination of fumes, combustion by-products and harmful gases from the air, requires innovative filtration system having the enhanced functionality. Gas Phase Filtration is the perfect solution of this requirement. It uses the advanced filter media and chemical substances for the elimination of gaseous contaminants from the air.

A material known as a sorbent is used to accurately take up the chemical substances and remove them completely from the air. Activated carbon or charcoal is the most common type of sorbent which are highly good at absorbing the vapors, gases, chemicals, and odors.

It is the most commonly used filtration ways for reducing the contamination in air and enhancing its superiority. The primary purpose of gas phase filtration process is always to remove the contaminants from air and improves its quality.

Filtration process used in gas-phase filtration system

In India, there are many companies providing the comprehensive range of Gas Phase Filtration Equipment designed to protect the sensitive parts and systems against corrosion. They provide the sophisticated solutions for conventional air filter systems by reducing the contaminated gases and unwanted odors. Different types of gas phase filtration systems or equipments are offered in the market by the country’s topmost companies with an aim to create the healthier environment all around with no harmful gases in the atmosphere.

Specialized gas phase filtration system used two main filtration processes:

  1. Adsorption

This process happens when molecules of airborne substances physically get in touch with the surface of the adsorbent material. Various kinds of adsorbent material are more likely to draw the certain types of chemicals and molecules while leaving other kinds of stuff in the air. This process is more effective at lower temperature and humidity levels. Silica gel, activated charcoal, porous clay minerals, and activated alumina are the common adsorbent material.

  1. Chemisorptions

Chemisorptions depend on the chemical reaction between either sorbent itself or with chemicals present within the sorbent. Chemical reactions create chemical compounds that attach to the sorbent media or that are transformed into the harmless material such as water or carbon dioxide. In some cases, this process converts airborne gases and vapors into the materials that easily get absorbed by other substance in the system.

The advanced gas phase filtration systems are the cost-effective solution for air borne contamination. The unique process of these systems not only cleans the polluted air of suspended particles and corrosive gases but also useful for the removal of unpleasant odor. It makes the working environment healthy and germ-free for people and their electronic equipment.

If you are in the way of purchasing gas phase filtration system then you must consider some of the most important factors such as known parameters and method of purification. Find the company that can help you with the selection of right gas phase filters.