How to Write Blog Post Ideas That People Can’t Wait To Read

Having a good blog post idea is a good thing but how to write it is a whole other beast on its own.

You have to be able to observe a few things for yourself to make sure that people will read your post immediately after they lay their eyes on it. This is not an easy task but we will look at some important points that will help enable your blog posts to have such effect on people.

Write About Interesting Things

Now that you have an idea, you ought to make it interesting. Write about something that no one can deny they want to read about. Interesting things can be topics like travel, food, technology. When you write about these topics, make them simple enough for your readers to follow and understand. If there’s a part with some instructions, make them fun and doable. Your posts should reflect how excited you are about the topic. If you are, then your readers will be as well and, in turn, they will find your post interesting.

Write about what’s Currently Trending

Let your ideas reflect what’s currently trending. Your readers want to read about what’s going on when they come to your blog. If there’s an earthquake that’s just happened, an ongoing election, or a tech gadget that has just been announced, blog about it. Whatever may currently be trending is what you should aim to write about so as to equip your readers with the current information.

Write Exciting Captions

One secret to capturing someone’s attention is to write a captivating caption. Make you caption as enticing as possible, make it large and in bold with a touch of punctuation marks.


Shocking! Three hundred bears found dead, here is why!

Japanese cuisine that can make you live longer.

Ranking the top ten best airlines in the world.

Such tricks make your readers want to read more, they entice them, make them curious, thus making your post irresistible.

Use Multimedia

When writing a post that you want to make as interesting as possible, don’t be afraid to use multimedia such as pictures, videos or audio. They can allure people into wanting to read the post because there’s multimedia which will assist in conveying whatever message it is that you want to convey. Multimedia also helps in passing a message across – people are more receptive to viewing/watching than they are to reading. Multimedia can also be a vital tool when giving instructions on how to do certain things such as preparing a certain dish, assembling a gadget or performing a certain task. These audiovisual elements can assist in making your blog unique.

Use Social Media

Social media is a great tool for making your blog post more interesting. Social media has the effect of reaching millions of people at a very quick rate through sharing. This action makes more people interested in your post since anyone sharing it will be in effect giving you a stamp of approval.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For those of you who are not familiar with this term, it is used in tech to manipulate web traffic by looking at what people search for the most and tapping into it by optimizing your blog to the search parameters. This means that when a search is done on a search engine, especially Google, the keywords present your page among the top results.


Let’s say you want to write about trees but you are not sure what exactly you want to write about them. Through research, you find out that most people search for “how to remove tree roots?”. What you do next is you write about tree roots removal and, in your post, you put the three words together as much as possible [remove tree roots].

Such optimization guarantees that whenever someone searches for how to remove tree roots, your blog post will be among the very first results shown because you have optimized your post to that search.

Exclusive Content

To make your post more interesting, make sure you try and get as much exclusive content as possible. This will greatly push your numbers up as your post will be the only one having this content, and even people blogging about the same thing will have to refer to your post, thus making it unique and irresistible.

Describe Scenes in Great Detail

In case you’ve ever seen a movie and read the book that it’s been based on, you’d have to agree that the movie lacks the description that can be found in a book. Some of the content found in the book often is not represented in the movie. Books usually take the readers on an exciting mental journey, allowing them to conceptualize whatever is being described. The same can be said for posts. If you want to make them unique, be sure to add a vivid description to your posts.


Weak: MacBook pro-2016 is super-fast, has a great display and long lasting battery.

Strong: The MacBook pro-2016 boasts four USB type c thunderbolt ports, a 500 GB SSD hard disk, 16 GB of ram, 13-inch display screen at 1448 by 740 pixels, 7500mAh.

Such description helps your readers understand what exactly you are talking about, thus making your post unique.

Make Your Readers Laugh or Cry

You should put emotions into your posts; they should be able to bring out a certain feeling. The best way to do this is to use wit when writing. You can always add a few jokes when writing a post by simply making fun of something or someone. Making a reference to something that happened some time back that can be connected to whatever you are talking about now can help to bring a comic effect to your post. The same can be said when it comes to sadness, let your posts show how sad you are by using the proper verbs and adjectives.

Don’t Follow Stereotypes

Things are normally portrayed to be in a certain way. Like when writing tech reviews, all you do is just write the reviews and say how great the gadget is. You can break off from the usual way of doing things by doing something different like giving away a phone you were reviewing. Such unique or not-so-common measures distinguish you from the others and make people want to read your posts as they know there might be a giveaway. The result? People will not want to miss any of your posts because they are unique.

Let There Be Secrets

Allow your posts to have suspense. Having cliffhangers in your posts is not a bad thing. When writing about something, don’t write about it all in one post if you can avoid it, separate different aspects of the topic into different posts, thus making sure that people will always come back to read what you were writing as they will want to know how it ends. This will make your story unique and fun to read.

Avoid Obvious Mistakes

The readers can be unforgiving when you make careless mistakes in punctuation and grammar. Always proofread your posts before posting them for the readers to read. There are online tools that can assist you in avoiding such clumsy mistakes.


Don’t serve up large chunks of text. Huge paragraphs and long sentences make it hard for your readers to consume your content. It’s much easier to read many small paragraphs rather than a few large ones.


Large paragraph:

This has to be the number one reason for not getting enough traffic on your blog, your posts are boring, thus you don’t attract an audience, you talk about things that people don’t care about or have no interest in, thus you are not tapping into any particular audience that has the same interests as you. If you write about things that have no interest to a majority of people then there is no way you will have a huge number to your site. Let’s say you like cats and you blog about them, not all people like cats, some like dogs, some don’t even like animals at all so you have limited yourself only to cat people.

Small paragraph:

This has to be the number one reason for not getting enough traffic on your blog.

Your posts are boring, thus you do not attract an audience, you talk about things that people don’t care about or have no interest in, thus you are not tapping into any particular audience that has the same interests as you.

If you write about things that have no interest to a majority of people then there is no way you will have a huge number to your site.

Let’s say you like cats and you blog about them. Not all people like cats. Some like dogs, some don’t even like animals at all, so you have limited yourself only to cat people.

Both paragraphs are the same length (118 words), but it is much easier to read the small one that it is to read the large one. Making your paragraphs small makes your audience eager to read your posts.

Solve Problems

In order to make your blog exciting, make sure to solve a problem. Most users read blogs because they are interested in solving a certain problem they have or are looking for information regarding a certain issue. Whatever problem it might be, be the one to solve it. This will make your posts unique.


Your blog’s design has to be attractive. Obviously, most people are not the artsy type so being creative isn’t their strongest suit. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t be an excuse for poor design. Your audience has to have something nice to look at, that’s how they first get attracted to your site. If you have a design that turns away the audience, you can rest assured that no one will bother looking at your content no matter how good it is, people judge with their eyes first.


For those of you who know how to program, I suggest finding a friend who is really good at front-end programming (HTML and CSS). If this can’t be done, then I recommend that you download web templates and change the details of the HTML code, this can also be done by those of you who don’t know how to program. Another way of making your blog more presentable is by using WordPress or blogging sites that come with ready built in templates which can be useful to you.

Focus On One Topic

A blog which talks about everything isn’t a blog, it’s an equivalent of a newspaper. Your blog can’t be about food today, tech tomorrow and sports the next day. It doesn’t work that way. You need to narrow it down to one particular niche that you can explore together with your readers. Having one particular subject helps because people know they’ll get a certain kind of news that they’re currently interested in when they come to your site. Having multiple subjects is just a recipe for chaos.


The best way to come up with a particular subject is to know what interests you and your readers. If you are into tech then let your blog reflect solely that, be a tech blog. If you like food, blog about that if the music is your thing then go ahead and write music reviews. This way, people will know that when they come to your blog, they’ll get something specific.

Fact Checking

When writing blog posts, be sure to fact check whatever you are writing so as not to tarnish your reputation. Always confirm your information by getting a quote or something close to that. This will ensure your posts’ uniqueness.